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Together, We Can…✨💪😎

  • Utilize my 16+ years of software development life cycle experience to plan and materialize an idea from concept to reality.
  • Lead cross-functional business teams while working together to identify opportunities for profitability, efficiency, growth and purposeful sustainability.
  • Help shape software products to grow into programs that satisfy business needs.
  • Influence the business as a collective, supporting business initiatives to gain alignment within an industry, or objective.
  • Provide a strong technical response as a subject matter expert in UI/UX Web & App development, providing details that support human interface guidelines and complete input/output perspectives, to support delivery of technical solutions.
  • Evaluate the business vs. technical trade-offs in relation to time, which equates to money, which can help the business quantify technical debt and establish priority.
  • Visualize to deliver business initiatives from start to completion, while ensuring on-going monitoring of the results to facilitate enhancement and change management.
  • Produce custom sound design and audiovisual experiences as a Digital Improviser, #Algorave live code musician.
  • Connect Ableton Live with other technologies such as iOS Apps, Leap Motion Sensor and Brainwave headset using OSC to modulate the control of musical parameters, do live performance using biometrics in 3D and 4D spaces.
  • Provide real-world client relations experience from working the “front-middle-and-back of the house”, as being an Entrepreneur continues to teach me a lot. Enjoy learning and evolving!
  • Discover, ideate solutions for creatively solving various business challenges that leverage Emerging Technologies. At this time, these are the following topics I find most exciting…
    • IoT – Internet of Things
    • Quantum Physics
    • Blockchain
      • Leverage API’s to start participating in the blockchain as an end-user or developer.
      • Design and build DApp’s (decentralized applications) make use of blockchain technology as a developer. Work to create a purpose, develop and deploy an ICO (initial coin offering).
      • Crypto investment day-trading, wallet best practices, learn how to buy and sell crypto coins.
    • VR, AR work to support these technologies and learn more about how they can be used in day-to-day life.
    • AI,  understand brainwave potential and neural networks to innovate human-computer-interfaces.